I'm Brent, technoprogressive social entrepreneur and human-centered design innovator. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2014 with a B.A. in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (Sociology+ICT4D) where I also worked as an Everett fellow and student instructor. I'm currently searching for jobs in data visualization, UX/UI, and HCI research and design sectors.

I’ve spent time researching integrated information theory, systems optimization, biourbanism, and Constructal theory. Lately my focus has been on greentech, closed loop systems, and digital democracy. #FreeTheBear


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Novaya Gazeta has found out that Putin's criminal regime is training groups of dozens of titushki to provoke fights and fabricate "evidence" of violence by protesters in anticipation of Moscow protests. https://twitter.com/novaya_gazeta/status/1352884280297476096

I don’t know why more people aren’t seeing all of this injustice and inequality and then realizing that capitalism is the problem and socialism is the solution.

Republicans gaslight America by calling the Democratic party a radical left “socialist” party.

It’s not a socialist party (I wish). It’s a corporatist party & the GOP’s a fascist party.

We have 2 right-wing parties who put corporations over people.


Criticism of Bernie Sanders for wearing a warm parka and mittens on a freezing day in DC, or even worse, suggesting he did so to intentionally divert attention from Kamala Harris or Jill Biden, is not just absurd nonsense, it is deeply pathological.

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